10 Fun At-Home Activities

Has boredom hit your house already? We bet it has!  


While you may be spending more time indoors, that doesn’t mean you can’t have a good time. Here’s a list of fun activities for you and your family to do at home!



Who says picnics have to be outdoors? In fact, an indoor picnic can have all the highlights of an outdoor one with a few advantages - you never have to worry about the weather, cold food can stay cold and hot food is always hot, there are no pesky bugs to battle, and there is no unloading and loading all that gear. 


Here are a few tips for the perfect indoor picnic:


  • Grab A Blanket - Find your designated picnic spot, make a little room, and lay out a large blanket.
  • Get Comfy - If you want a little more comfort, grab a few throw pillows or even the couch cushions and scatter them on your blanket. 
  • Bring The Outside In - If you have house plants, think about bringing them around your picnic area. If you can, open a few windows and let the fresh hair in. This helps create a little bit of an out-in-nature feel. You can also pick fresh flowers and arrange them around your picnic table. Not able to get fresh flowers? No problem. Did you know you can make a beautiful flower arrangement with fresh herbs, fruits, and veggies? Click this link for a little inspiration. 
  • Tasty Treats - Don’t forget to pick your favorite picnic foods to serve like cheese plates, finger foods, lots of snacks, and don’t forget refreshing drinks like KABAKI tea! We love serving easy finger food, especially food on skewers. It’s fun for all! Check out these tasty recipes for your next picnic. 



This is a great idea especially if you have young kids in the house. Choose a theme and plan your hunt ahead of time. Don’t forget to have a prize for the winner. It can be anything special you have lying around the house or a “pass” for an extra serving of dessert or for choosing the next movie for movie night. Get creative, the sky’s the limit! There are several indoor scavenger themes to choose from. Here’s a few templates you can print out and use to get started.


    3. SPA NIGHT

    A spa night is a great way to practice self care! Turn your bathroom into a mini spa. Light a few candles and play relaxing music. Treat yourself to a manicure, give yourself a facial and mask, or enjoy a relaxing bath with your favorite essential oils. Really, the possibilities are endless!



    Board Games are a great way to bring everyone together in a fun way! Classic board games include Monopoly, Guess Who, or even a simple game of Checkers. If you don’t own any you can easily improvise and play charades, pictionary, or tic tac toe. You can also find a lot of great game apps for your phone or tablet.


    5. DO A PUZZLE 

    If board games are less of your speed, puzzles are a great option. You can start off with easier puzzles or challenge yourself to more difficult ones with up to 2000 pieces. Get creative and design your own puzzle with your kids!



    Plan for a movie night as if you were at the movie theater. Pop some popcorn, grab a box of candy, and have some movie options ready. Don’t forget to dim the lights just like the movie theater.

    There are plenty of fun ways to elevate your at home movie night like these
    popcorn makers! If you have the space, try projecting a movie onto a blank wall, side of your house, or even onto a white sheet. Here are some great, inexpensive projectors.



    Who says a garden has to be outdoors? You can easily start a garden inside! Make sure you pick a spot in your house that gets sufficient sunlight, like a windowsill. Planting herbs is a great option indoors as they don’t get too big in size and are easy to manage.



    Pick up a new book! Reading is a great way to unwind and get lost in a story. Not sure where to start? Check out the New York Times Best Seller list. If you are more particular about what genre to read, here’s a complete list of books that breaks down selections into non-fiction, fiction, or even by category such as business and science.



    You don’t need a gym to stay active! There are endless options when it comes to workouts indoors. Plenty of exercise routines can be found on Instagram, YouTube, or even Amazon Prime. Check out our blog post on choosing the best indoor exercise routine for any fitness level.



    Learning a new skill is a great way to keep yourself occupied. This can be anything from learning how to knit or teaching yourself how to cook. You can also pick up new skills to help you with your professional endeavors too with countless tutorials online. Skillshare is a great website to learn from some of the best experts in any field. 


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