Back to School Series: Tips for College Students and Parents

Going to college is daunting for both students and parents. We at Kabaki, rounded up our best tips to help everyone involved!


Everyone is in the same boat. You may be worrying about making friends, finding the fastest route to class, and making a good impression on your professors. Instead of worrying that all eyes are on you, know that there are thousands of students in your same position right now, worrying about the same exact thing. However, know that stress when starting school is normal so look into various ways that can help alleviate it such as planning ahead, taking one thing at a time, and taking a little break to have fun with friends. For even more tips, check out our article on stress relief tips as well!

Say yes to new opportunities. Sign up for clubs, look into playing an intramural sport, ask someone if they want to go to the dining hall with you. Putting yourself out there may seem scary at first, but only great opportunities lie on the other side of that fear. An added bonus: trying something new can also increase cognitive function. That means you’re helping your brain even outside of class!

Prioritize your health as much as your schedule. As exciting as college is with all that it has to offer, be aware not to spread yourself too thin. Prioritize 7 - 8 hours of sleep every night, make sure you’re getting movement in everyday, and try to stick to antioxidant rich foods or get your antioxidant fix in with a bottle of Kabaki. Taking care of yourself is not only good for your body but also your mind and overall wellbeing.


It’s okay to feel the blues too! You most likely will shed some tears on move-in day but it’s also expected to feel the drop-off blues even after your child is all moved in. Make sure to take care of yourself and your health! Do everything that you encourage your kids to do like getting enough rest and eating nutritious food which may even help alleviate some of these feelings.

Check in, but not too much. It’s okay to check in with your child and help them when need be. But also know this is an opportunity for them to figure out what it means to live independently. Resist from intervening all the time. We know it's hard!

Change is normal. That doesn’t make it any less easy. Not only is your child going off to college but home might feel different without them too. Your whole life may have been defined by taking care of them and now that they aren’t home, you may feel a change in identity. We love Grown & Flown's very personal article on becoming an empty nester, you will too. Know that time is the healer of all things. Although it will take some time, you’ll find your new normal soon enough too.

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