Conscious Capitalism - A Model for a Better Future

Conscious Capitalism - A Model for a Better Future

You may have heard about companies giving away goods for every product purchased, or corporations funding projects to help people in need, but you may not have realized that these ideas are part of an ongoing movement within corporate and business culture to better the world while they help grow their bottom line—and they might just be our best chance at a better future.

Conscious Capitalism, Compassionate Capitalism, or Conscious Business are all names for the idea that expanding profits for shareholders is not enough to make a company truly profitable. Corporate social responsibility is just one facet of this values-based economic equation, based on the idea that businesses do better when their employees feel good about what they are doing, and when the community at large feels good about the business. Businesses working within this model seek to go beyond just “doing no harm” or “not being evil”—they want to expand their economic framework to include social and environmental values as well as financial ones.

A conscious business will sometimes form a foundation to address the cause or concern that they align themselves with, or use their profits to offset the cost of these initiatives. One novel approach is to partner with non-governmental organizations to bring supplies and equipment to communities in developing companies, helping them sustain the economy of the region. Kabaki, a conscious company that produces Kenyan Purple Tea, is working with the nonprofit MATTER to bring farming equipment and medical supplies to the area around where the purple tea growers live and work in Kenya, to both help them sustain organic farms and create access to healthcare, especially for the many people of the region who need dialysis. [ learn more here ]

Conscious Capitalism is not just an idealistic good idea—in today’s fast-paced world of social media and the free flow of information, it can also be a practical one. When companies make the betterment of humanity part of their mission, they win people over to their side; when you like what a business does, you might want to help that company grow. It’s a win-win for businesses, the environment and the consumer—and its one small way that consumers can contribute consciously to a better world.




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