Don't Stress Out! Tips For Relieving Stress

Don't Stress Out! Tips For Relieving Stress

Hi Kabaki Community!

Life can be stressful! Let us help you enjoy your summer with a little less of it. Try a few of our favorite stress relieving tips!

Be active

We know this is  way easier said than done, but try to reserve at least 30 minutes a day to be active and enjoy some fresh air outside! It’s almost guaranteed that you’ll feel better, even though your brain tries to convince you otherwise. Taking some time away from what you’re stressing over will clear the cloud in your head and increase productivity—trust us.


When you’re stressed, you start breathing irregularly, which contributes more to the stress. It’s important to reset yourself by deep-breathing: instead of breathing from the chest, breathe from the belly. Take one deep breath in through your nose, and slowly release it through your mouth. This activates your relaxation response, and you’re good to carry on with your tasks.

Find a hobby

If you don’t already have a hobby, maybe it’s time you find something you enjoy doing for fun! This could be knitting, biking, painting, gardening, or writing- there’s an endless list of things for you to look into. A study has found that those who engage in hobbies for at least 20 minutes once a week are less susceptible to fatigue, have lower levels of depression, and feel happier.

Have a balanced diet

A balanced diet can counter the effects of stress and increase energy. You may not immediately see the connection, but if you’re physically feeling well, the chances of you feeling mentally well will increase significantly. Did you have your daily dose of fruits and vegetables yet? (Oh, and don’t forget to have it with our antioxidant-filled purple tea!)

Last, but not least: develop a positive self-talk habit

Whenever you find yourself thinking negatively, make an effort to actively and immediately combat it. For example, when you unconsciously think “I can’t do this,” you have to actively manage it and combat it by telling yourself “Yes, I can do this.” Self-compassion is so important in all aspects of life: you spend most of your time with yourself, so make it a pleasant experience!

We hope you found this helpful. Share with us your favorite way to reduce stress!

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