Holiday Survival Guide

Ahh, Thanksgiving dinner...

It’s a time filled with gratitude, joy, and family! However, with family, sometimes comes arguments, stress, and lots and lots of questions...usually of the personal variety. But fear not! To help you avoid those cringe-worthy moments, we’ve created this guide to surviving Thanksgiving.



Thanksgiving can be a time for family and friends to catch up but that may also mean questions you’re not ready to answer. While you may still get a few questions that catch you off guard, be prepared with some lighthearted conversation topics can help. Stick to non-confrontational topics that the other person will enjoy like football, a tasty holiday recipe, or a favorite hobby. Diversion can be a great tool too! When Aunt Sally is asking you about your love life, be prepared with something like, “Between work, family, and staying healthy, I've just been so busy. So, where did you get that necklace from? It’s gorgeous!” Changing the subject can take the focus off of you and start a whole new conversation. One you’re ready and willing to talk about!



Family and friends getting into another political debate? Refocus their attention with a fun game or activity that everyone can get into. If you’re hosting, have a stack of board games and puzzles ready to go. Split up into teams for a riveting game of charades or Pictionary. If you’re a guest, bring a small portable game that’s fun for everyone! Games such as Heads Up and Uno are great for all ages and don’t require much.



Another way to avoid conversation, offer to help the host with cooking, cleaning, or setting up the table. If you are hosting, have your guests get involved in small ways. This is a great way to get a few extra helping hands and relieve a little holiday stress. 


And if all else fails? Just stuff your face with turkey to avoid any and all invasive questions! But most importantly, be thankful. Despite the craziness that family can create, express gratitude for those that are in your life. Have a Happy Thanksgiving! 🦃🥂


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