Kabaki Purple Tea's Guide To The Perfect Summer Picnic

Kabaki Purple Tea's Guide To The Perfect Summer Picnic


Hello Kabaki Community!

Summer, also known as prime time for picnics, is here! We can all use a nice day relaxing at the beach or park, really anywhere under the sun.  Check out Kabaki's guide to having the perfect summer picnic!


Don’t let your relaxing day in the sun get ruined by a rainstorm or unexpected weather. We hate the feeling of finding out that our fully-planned picnic is ruined by a rainstorm. Check out a weather app or website to find out the weather in advance. We really like this site, it even gives you a month of forecasted weather so that you can plan ahead of time!


To know what to pack, you need to know who’s joining you on your picnic. If you’re picnicking with kids, make sure you have a few child appropriate activities. If you’re hanging with your adult friends, make sure you’ve got them covered too!

We think these are a few of the most important things to bring on your picnic:

  • A little extra fun. Prepare a few activities ahead of time to entertain your guests. Bring books or magazines for people to read while basking in the sun. Grab a volleyball, football, or frisbee for an impromptu game. Grab a board game or some pen and paper for sketching the beautiful scenery.  If you want to pack light, people watching or playing tag are fun activities too ;)

  • Lots of napkins! Accidents happen, and you want to be prepared for them. It’s great to have a roll of paper towels and even some wet wipes on hand to clean up messes and sticky fingers. Want to be a little more eco-friendly? Choose recycled paper towels and napkins or even better, bring reusable. Check out this idea for DIY reusable peppermint cleaning wipes

  • Your picnic blanket and something to keep it in place. It might be a windy day- you wouldn’t want your blanket to fly away! If you can find a few rocks lying around your picnic area, you can use them to hold your blanket down. Otherwise, take advantage of your picnic basket, shoes, keys, a book...really anything with a little weight to hold down the corners.

  • Tools of the trade. In addition to food and drinks, there are a few essentials you’ll need to pack too. Pack reusable or recyclable plates, cups, and cutlery. We love these beeswax food wraps. They’re a great way to pack up leftovers and super eco-friendly. Hint, keep in the cooler to avoid them softening in the sun. Don’t forget a few trash bags, you don’t want to be a litterbug. And last but not least, pack a bottle opener, mini cutting board, and knife. You’ll thank us later!

  • Sunscreen.Don’t be fooled by the breeze; the sun's rays are pretty brutal, and you don’t want to be sunburned on such a lovely day. And don’t forget to reapply!  According to skincancer.org, it’s best to apply 30 minutes before sun exposure and again every 2 hours.

  • Bug spray. This goes unsaid; you don’t want bug bites! We love this DIY all natural spray from Wellness Mama, you should give it a try. 

  • Lots of water and tasty beverages! 

Tip #3 - The Perfectly Packed Cooler

Once you’ve figured out what food you want to bring, it’s important to pack it correctly so that it doesn’t perish! We’ve got some cooler tips for you:

  • Your cooler should be about 30% ice and 70% food. Place ice on the bottom of the cooler, then place the heavier, more perishable food on top of the ice.

  • Here’s a super useful tip that we’re excited to share with you: freeze your Kabaki Purple Tea bottles the night before, and use them as ice for your cooler! It’s a win-win situation: your food stays nice and fresh, and once the tea melts, you have a delicious & refreshing chilled tea beverage to enjoy during your picnic. They provide a tasty beverage full of health and wellness benefits.

  • A full cooler will stay colder longer than an emptier one, so make sure to fill it up!

  • Don’t use the cooler to chill warm or room temperature items- move cold food from the refrigerator straight into the cooler. Keep your warm and room temperature food in a separate, insulated bag.

Tip #4 - Make It Easy!

We want you to have an enjoyable picnic experience, so don’t stress yourself out preparing a feast! Choose easy foods you can eat with your fingers. Your local market probably has a great selection of already prepared treats. Or mix a little store bought and homemade. Whatever you choose to bring, your family and friends will love it! 

We hope you found our guide helpful. Send us photos of your picnic outings for a chance to be featured on our Facebook and Instagram- we’d love to see how you’re making the most of your summer!


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