KABAKI'S Guide To Choosing The Right Tea For You

New to tea or coming back after a hiatus and lost in the sea of tea options?


There are endless varieties to choose from whether it's for health and wellness, a tasty hot beverage, or a little pick-me-up. There are caffeinated options, herbal teas, teas for digestion, teas for sleep, and even teas that can help strengthen your immune system. The sheer amount of teas out there can seem overwhelming. That’s why we researched the health benefits of tea and compiled a Guide To Choosing The Right Tea For You!



With the amount of tasks on our to-do list, kids keeping us awake, or long hours at the office, sometimes sleep takes the back burner resulting in little to no energy the next day. If you’re looking for tea to give you a boost of energy, here are some teas to reach for:


  • PURPLE TEA is one of the best choices for natural energy without the worry of caffeine jitters. Purple tea originates from the Camellia Sinensis plant. The same plant that produces green and black tea. However, what differentiates purple tea from the rest is it’s low caffeine and high antioxidant levels. This is a great option for those that want natural energy but can’t tolerate too much caffeine.
  •  BLACK TEA is known for its higher level of caffeine. Black tea is an option if you really need an energy boost to keep you awake and alert. In addition to caffeine, black tea also has a stimulating substance called theophylline. Both caffeine and theophylline can slightly increase heart rate causing you to feel more alert.
  • GREEN TEA, another variety from the Camellia Sinensis plant, possesses similar characteristics to black tea. The key difference is the oxidation process during harvesting and production. Green tea contains an amino acid called L-theanine, which combined with it’s caffeine levels, can give you an alert yet calming effect.



Teas have been used to treat digestion issues and illnesses for thousands of years. Most commonly, herbal teas are used to aid digestion. Herbal teas technically aren’t even tea at all, they are a combination of various leaves, fruit, bark, or flowers from any edible plant. Here are several teas that will help improve your digestion:

  •  GINGER TEA something not agreeing with your stomach? Ginger is known to help relieve an upset stomach and reduce feelings of nausea.
  • PEPPERMINT TEA, studies suggest, can help relieve digestive symptoms including indigestion, gas, and bloating.
  • FENNEL TEA is made from fennel, an herb that when its seeds are dried, can be used with hot water as a tea. It’s known to help digestive issues and can relax digestive muscles to help pass toxins through the body.
  • PURPLE TEA has a type of anthocyanin, which is an antioxidant, called Malvidin. Malvidin antioxidants can help lower inflammation, increase white blood cells, lower risk of cancer and promote weight loss. Looking to improve digestion and maybe even lose a couple stubborn pounds? Try purple!



If you’re feeling stressed or anxious for any reason, tea itself is a great choice. Unlike coffee, which can increase feelings of anxiety due to high levels of caffeine, many teas such as herbal can have the opposite effect. Here are some teas that are known to help reduce feelings of anxiety and stress:


  • CHAMOMILE TEAis made with the herb chamomile which is most widely known for relieving both stress and feelings of anxiety. Chamomile has been used for hundreds of years to help individuals feel calm and fight inflammation. Studies have shown that chamomile reduced moderate to severe symptoms of Generalized Anxiety Disorder, but is not as effective in prevention.
  • LAVENDER TEA is known for its calming properties that can help anxiety, stress, and sleep issues. Research suggests that lavender helps relieve restlessness associated with anxiety. You can even brew it yourself!



Are you trying to avoid getting sick? We don’t blame you. There are several tea options that are great for boosting your immune system and fighting off a potential virus. Along with proper hand washing and sanitizing and healthy eating with immune boosting foods, tea is the perfect way to stay healthy and hydrated.

  • MATCHA,  which literally means “powdered tea”, is finely ground tea leaves that are made into a powder and then made into a solution, traditionally with water, to drink and enjoy. While green tea is powerful, matcha reaps even better benefits due to the fact that it’s the whole tea leaf ground up compared to green tea which is just steeped. Matcha contains powerful antioxidants known as Epigallocatechin Gallate (EGCG) that assist the production of T-cells which reduce inflammation and fight pathogens 
  • PURPLE TEA is another great immunity boosting option due to its high antioxidant levels. Purple tea has higher antioxidants compared to both green tea and black tea. Reaching for a bottle of KABAKI is a great way to easily boost your immunity!


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