Tea Lovers Gift Guide - Give The Gift Everyone Will Love 💜 🎁

Tea Lovers Gift Guide - Give The Gift Everyone Will Love 💜 🎁

With Thanksgiving just behind us, the holiday season is in full swing. You know what that means? Gift giving! 


The hardest part of the holidays? Finding the perfect gifts for your loved ones. No need to run around this year trying to figure out what’s on everyone's wish list. We decided to make your life a bit easier by compiling a must-have list for all the loved ones in your life, especially if they’re tea-lovers! But really, who isn’t….



Who wouldn't love a good 'ole, traditional tea kettle. Not only is it functional and nostalgic but it's a beautiful centerpiece for the stove....and kitchen. With a variety of shapes, sizes, colors, and materials, how could you go wrong.

This traditional tea kettle from Le Creuset is the perfect gift. 

le creuset demi tea kettle, white

For a bit of fun, we really love this 1970's inspired 7 piece tea kettle with cups.


vintage inspired tea kettle

For anyone with a sleek, modern aesthetic, we recommend this kettle from West Elm. 

modern west elm gray tea kettle



Not into the traditional tea kettle? Give the gift of an electric one. Perfect for a dorm room, kitchen, or office. I know I love mine!

We love this retro looking kettle complete with water temperature gauge.

retro electric tea kettle

This is a great electric tea kettle with a sleek glass design.

sleek glass electric tea kettle

Want something a little more modern? Check out this beautiful matte black number!

modern electric tea kettle



 Want to make someone feel special? Get them a personalized tea cup or mug. It's a great gift for any tea lover. Plus, the personalization helps ensure they always know which one is theirs....or who may have "borrowed" theirs!

We love this mosaic inspired mug from Bloomingdales!

personalized mosaic mug

We think this dainty floral mug is the perfect accompaniment to go with our traditional tea kettle.

personalized tea cup

For the more outdoorsy type, this porcelain mug with bamboo lid is great for their next camping trip or on the go!

porcelain personalized mug



Tea infusers are essential for any tea lover that prefers loose leaf tea. 

Want to make your loved one smile? This "Hot Dog" tea infuser is guaranteed to do the trick....especially if they're a dog lover too.

dog tea infuser

This bee charm tea infuser is super cute and would be great paired with a jar of locally sourced honey!

bee tea infuser

For a more modern feel, try this sleek silver tea infuser. 

sleek silver tea infuser


For those that love a pinch of sweetness with their tea, a honey dipper or honey pot makes for a fun, authentic tea gift.

Try this classic honey dipper. Perfect to pair with a personalized mug!

wood honey dipper

How about a twist on the classic with this gold honey dipper.

gold honey dipper

Why give just a honey dipper when you can give them a dipper and honey pot set!

honey dipper and post



Loved one always on the go? These convenient mugs let them steep on the fly.

This on the go mug is sure to wow just about anyone.

on the go tea mug

We love this glass tea tumbler great for hot or cold tea.

glass tea tumbler

If they're an iced tea lover, get them this great press and go iced tea tumbler!

iced tea tumbler 

KABAKI Kenyan Purple Tea

Impress your tea loving friends and family members with a new variety of tea: purple tea! KABAKI Kenyan Purple Tea is sure to wow any tea lover. Plus, there’s a flavor for everyone to enjoy: unsweetened for the health conscious, peach, lemon, and raspberry flavors for those that like fruit infused tea, and lightly sweetened for those that want just a touch of sweetness. It's good for your health and wellness and tastes great!

kabaki kenyan purple tea fruit flavors

kabaki kenyan purple tea

 We hope we offered you a little gift guiding inspiration. And of course, KABAKI Kenyan Purple Tea wishes you a happy and healthy holiday season!


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