The Art of Reading Tea Leaves and How to Predict The Future

Ever wonder what your future holds?

Bet we can look into your future without a crystal ball or a witch involved. How, you say? By reading tea leaves! Reading tea leaves, which is also known as Tasseography, is a form of reading ones future with a long history that dates back to medieval Europe. Let’s dive into the fortune that Tasseography holds!


The word Tasseography (also known as Tasseomancy) originates from the French word tasse meaning cup and the Greek word graph meaning writing or the word mancy meaning divination. So Tasseography loosely means “the writing in the cup” or Tasseomancy loosely meaning “divination from a cup”. Practitioners look for insight by reading the patterns or identifying symbols created by loose tea leaves left over after the water has been drained or drunk. The messages found in the shapes and configurations of the tea leaves are then interpreted.


The practice has been around for centuries and originated in Europe. Fortune tellers used lead, splattered wax, and other molten substances to read others’ fortunes. Dutch merchants introduced tea leaves to Europeans after it was traded in the trade route from China. Tea leaves were utilized as a more convenient and less dangerous way to read fortunes.


The concept of reading tea leaves is quite simple, yet still very mysterious. While there were (and still are!) professional tea readers, you can do it yourself.


Before you get started, it’s important to relax your mind, as if preparing to meditate. According to Aliza Kelly Faragher for her Allure article The Essential Guide to Tasseography, the Practice of Reading Tea Leaves, “....tea leaf reading is based on the concept of directing energy. When we focus our magickal intention on the tea, the leaves become energetic conduits that are capable of mirroring our experiences — including those which have yet to occur...These mystical messages are embedded within the wet leaves' shape, density, color, and placement.”


1) First, prepare tea in a lightly colored or white teacup. Loose tea leaves are used in this practice but if you do not have them on hand you can cut open a tea bag. Pour hot water over the leaves.

2) Next, drink the tea. You can drink all of the tea or just some. It’s up to you!

3) Once you have a small amount of tea remaining, swirl the cup three times and drain the remaining liquid, ensuring not to toss the tea leaves. You can use a tea saucer to help with the process.

4) Now, this is the fun part! Immediately after draining the water, write down anything that you see, whether it’s a person, an object or symbol. Then it is up to you to interpret the meaning. What do you see and what do you think it means?

5) The first thing you see represents your dominant character, someone near, or someone influential. The rim of the mug represents the present moment whereas the middle section or the walls of the mug represents the near future. Both aspects are involved for your interpreted outcome whereas everything in the base of the mug represents the ultimate conclusion.

    Need a little help interpreting your tea leaves? Here are some additional tips and over 150 classic symbols for Reading Tea Leaves.


    Reading and interpreting tea leaves is a unique experience that comes without judgement. You can use any variety of loose leaf tea whether it’s black tea, green tea, or even Kenyan purple tea. You can also make this a great activity with others or for your next Halloween party. Have fun with this and impress your friends when you reveal their future!


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