Tips To Succeed in Remote Learning

For most of us, going back to school will look a little different this year.


Undoubtedly, many schools will have some form of remote learning. As many of you discovered last semester, remote learning can come with a few challenges. We compiled a list of tips to help you or your child succeed no matter what the circumstances look like. 



The most difficult part about remote learning is that the distinction between school and home is close to none. It’s easy to be distracted and the absence of other students physically working alongside one another or a teacher leading the class can make it more difficult to focus. One of the best strategies to remain on track is to create a schedule and stick to it. It's helpful to set your alarm and wake up at the same time every day, allow enough time in the morning for a good breakfast, make sure you have everything you need set up at your workspace, and don't forget to put your phone on silent! If you aren’t sure what a proper at-home schedule should look like, check out examples online. 



A key to succeeding in one’s studies is to have a designated space for learning. If possible, you should keep your work area separate from your bedroom and kitchen. Studies show that those who work in spaces meant for sleeping or eating can have negative effects as you may start to associate these places with your learning environment. 

Make sure your learning environment is in a quiet, comfortable space free of too many distractions. We recommend having a desk designated for work. For younger children, all you need is a table with enough space for moving around and art projects. 



    We all learned in school that no question is a bad question and that still applies even when going to school from home! Concepts may be tricker to understand over a video and that’s okay. Your teachers are there to help set expectations and offer advice. Some instructors may encourage questions during their class while others might have you hold off until they are done teaching. If you or your child needs extra help, don’t be afraid to email the teacher outside of the virtual classroom hours. If you are an older student in college, get to know your teacher’s office hours, and utilize them.



    It's hard enough to keep our homes organized without having to keep track of schoolwork too. Do your best to get organized, it'll make a world of difference!


    Just because you may not physically be back in school doesn’t mean you can’t go back-to-school shopping! Check out this list of items that are teacher recommended for staying organized and being successful in your remote classroom. 



    Being stuck indoors, it's easy to have the day fly by without noticing. That's why it's so important to take breaks every now and then. Get up and stretch. Take a walk around the house, or better yet, around the block. Make sure you’re making time for nutritious meals to stay focused. If you are a parent of a younger child, it's important to give them "brain breaks" throughout the day. This will help get their blood flowing and get more oxygen to the brain. Here's a great resource to learn more about brain breaks. 



    Whether you are learning from home or you're a parent that’s trying to balance work and your children's homeschooling, make sure you go easy on yourself. Being your own teacher can be a difficult task and that’s okay. If you find yourself or your child struggling to keep up, make sure you ask an instructor for help or call up some classmates for a virtual study group. Everyone is in the same boat so don’t think that you have to do it all alone. You can and will succeed this year despite what the circumstances may look like!


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