What is purple tea

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What is purple tea?

High in the valleys and mountain tops of Kenya, you will find fields of purple tea leaves glistening in the hot African sun. 

It's the same single plant, Camellia Sinensis, that gives us all our green and black teas. Surprise! But here the intense African sun coupled with cool mountain air allows ultraviolet rays to deeply penetrate the tea leaves - purple leaves are born!  

Powerd by purple!

Of course, the adventurous spirit of these carefully cultivated lands gets infused into the leaves, too. You’ll also get more antioxidants, polyphenols, and anthocyanins than any other type of tea. We call this the purple effect. You can call it your secret weapon against free radicals and oxidative stress that cause cancer, brain disorders and heart disease. Either way, you will feel healthier, even happier, when you sip a bottle. As if you also were breathing in the rarified air on a gorgeous Kenyan mountain top. Wouldn’t that be nice?

Pure Purple

KABAKI is pure: non-gmo certified, no preservatives, all natural, and all ingredients are grown using organic and sustainable practices. Journey through our five ready-to-drink infusions.